James Mulvale
Composer - Arranger - Producer 
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James Mulvale is a prolific composer and sound designer from Toronto. He has been steadily building up a portfolio with major clients such as Infamous Quests, Universal Studios, Gems TV, BMG , Zoom Entertainments and many more. 

With perfect pitch and an ear for a good melody he
can write bespoke music for your media presentation.

A multi instrumentalist, expert sequencer and music programmer he can
replicate any style with ease.

From classical-minimalism to rock... from jazz to techno and anything in between, put your trust in James to get the job done to spec and on time for you or your client.

Get in touch now to get a quote for your music needs.



JAMES, THIS IS AWESOME!  It's perfect man! Definitely in your wheelhouse.  I'm good to go with this if you don't mind. I think we are good to go now. I'm running out of clean underwear. Thanks a TON!!!!

 - Mark Crowe, Guys From Andromeda LLC


'James' music is second to none, and his flexibility and creativity as a composer makes him fun to work with.  He is very amenable to requests and changes, and it makes the process of creating music for your creative needs highly enjoyable.' 

- Steven Alexander, Infamous Quests

'Let's skip formalities because I feel like that's how you deal, and that's what I like. Based off your demo alone if I had the power I'd hire you forever...' 
- Andrew Weeks, Lost Mile Studios.

'It worked great. I actually grabbed the first few measures of your original tune ('cause they had great sound!) and then continued with the redux and it fit like a glove.' 
- Joseph Daniel, Wild on the Fly.

'Great job on the song! It definitely has a catchy ring to it. And I definitely feel the snow globe in space atmosphere to it! I would also love to hear the [other] song for a title sequence as well.'
- Chris Pope, Guys From Andromeda LLC

'The demo sounds absolutely amazing. I like the beat and the mix of drums, symbols and flutes that have a South Indian feel. I also really like the solo beat that begins and trickles/fades out at the end.'
- Stacey Blake, FLTV

'The music sounds like a perfect fit for the game (at least from the trailer)!  I hope the game does well!'

- Elliot Corley, SoundOnSound

'Good work fella - as with all your music I have heard its not afraid to make a statement and is fun and engaging to listen to. Its to be commended that very often it sounds like you do what the client or project wants you to do rather than your own personal compositional goals' 
- Jack Pickett, London

'An exciting piece—the driving rhythm is great, and the ascending scalar motion of various layers add to the momentum gradually building throughout. I really like the strategic pause before the music picks up again, and the long notes that follow provide wonderful contrast to the first section. I hope you continue the piece to its conclusion!' 

- Jong Kim, Composers Network 

'James has the finest hair I've ever seen.  This has nothing to do with his musical talent, which is immense, varied and borders on mad genius, but I feel it is of note."
- Blackthorne, IA Studios